C++ Programming - Introduction To C++ Language Questions and Answers

Here is a collection of multiple choice questions and answers related to the introduction of C++ language.
1. how many types of expression in c++.
[A] 5
[B] 6
[C] 7
[D] 8
2. Do-while is an ...... loop.
[A] Entry control
[B] Exit control
[C] Entry enrolled
[D] None of these
3. Dragons have wings like a bird and scales like a lizard. In object oriented verabage, we would say this is an example of ?
[A] Multilevel Inheritance
[B] Polymorphism
[C] Multiple inheritance
[D] Aggregation
4. C++ was originally developed by ?
[A] Colcksin and Mellish
[B] Donald E.Knuth
[C] Sir Richard Handlee
[D] Bajarne Stoustrup
5. cfront ?
[A] is the front end of C compiler
[B] is the pre-processor of C compiler
[C] is a tool that translate a C++ code to its equivalent C code
[D] None of above
6. Which of the following is false about object oriented ?
[A] is block structured language
[B] is not a block structured language
[C] aids in object oriented programming
[D] is an extension of C
7. Polymorphism is implemented through which mechanism in C++ ?
[A] Late Interpretation
[B] Late Binding
[C] Early Binding
[D] Overloading
8. Re-usability is a desirable feature of a language as it is ?
[A] Decreases the testing time
[B] Lowers the maintenance cost
[C] Reduce the compilation time
[D] Reduces the exectution time
9. Which of the following is not an extension associated during the creation of a C++ program?
[A] .cpp
[B] .exe
[C] .jpg
[D] .bak
10. Which of the following is not a C++ Compiler ?
[A] C front
[B] Turbo C++
[C] Borland C++
[D] C++ compiler
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