Software Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Software engineering is an expanded area in the field of computer science.Following are the quiz questions related to software engineering for the preparation of various competitive exams.
1. A good specification should be?
[A] unambiguous
[B] distinctly specific
[C] functional
[D] all of these
2. Which of the following is a tool in design phase?
[A] abstraction
[B] refinement
[C] information hiding
[D] all of above three
3. Information hiding is to hide from user details
[A] that re relevant to him
[B] that are not relevant to him
[C] that may be maliciously handled by him
[D] that are confidential
4. In object oriented design of software which of the following is not true?
[A] objects inherit the properties of the class
[B] classes are defined based on the attributes of the object
[C] objects can belong to two classes
[D] classes are always different
5. Design phase includes?
[A] data,architectural and procedural designs only
[B] architectural,procedural and interface design only
[C] data,architectural and interface design only
[D] data,architectural interface and procedural design
6. Data structure suitable for an application discussed in?
[A] data design
[B] architectural design
[C] procedural design
[D] interface design
7. Design phase will usually be?
[A] top-down
[B] bottom-up
[C] random
[D] center fingring
8. Assertion and condition which are true at the point of execution
[A] always
[B] sometimes
[C] many times
[D] no times
9. What is meant by a dedicated computer?
[A] Which is used by one person only
[B] Which is assigned one and only one task
[C] Which uses one kind of software
[D] Which is meant for application software
10. The name for the way that computers manipulate data into information is called:
[A] programming
[B] processing
[C] organizing
[D] storing
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