Principles of Management & SAD Multiple choice Questions and Answers - Page 2

(Showing: 11 - 20 out of 20 MCQs) Various aspects of principal of management and system analysis design are covered under the following questions.
11. Which of the following represents processor activities,methods and procedures in a data flow diagram ?
[A] Datagram
[B] Actigram
[C] Feedback
[D] Flowchart
12. Errors can be found by outsiders during ?
[A] Alpha testing
[B] Beta testing
[C] Structures walk through
[D] Debugging
13. Nassi - Shneiderman charts
[A] Are being replaced by flowcharts
[B] Often describe over lapping control structures
[C] Are made up of boxes within boxes
[D] Both A and C
14. A system investigation may result from ?
[A] An analysis investigation
[B] A scheduled systems reviewed
[C] A manager's formal request
[D] All of above
15. The longest method of conversion is ?
[A] Direct
[B] Parallel
[C] Phased
[D] Pilot
16. A channel for communicating across a boundary between two or more subsystems is called ?
[A] Interface
[B] Actigram
[C] Walk through
[D] Data Path
17. To run the old system and the new system at the same time for a specified period,the system implementation approach used is ?
[A] Pilot
[B] Phased
[C] Parallel
[D] Direct
18. System specifications are used to ?
[A] Describe system flows
[B] Get an accurate picture of the system
[C] Avoids ambiguity
[D] All of above
19. Top management is more interested in ?
[A] Day to day operations
[B] Strategic decisions
[C] Tactical decisions
[D] Both A and C
20. Decision tree uses ?
[A] Pictorial depiction of alternate conditions
[B] Nodes and branches
[C] Consequences of various depicted
[D] All of above
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