Principles of Management & SAD Multiple choice Questions and Answers

Various aspects of principal of management and system analysis design are covered under the following questions.
1. A programmer would most likely prepare a
[A] General System flowchart
[B] Specific system flowchart
[C] General program flowchart
[D] specific program flowchart
2. Rapid prototyping proves the quality of design by?
[A] Having a program simulate the real system
[B] Having the system analyst present an overview of the design to users,programmers and cosultants
[C] Having a data flow diagram
[D] Both A and B
3. User friendly computers have ensured that ?
[A] Management requires no system analysis and design
[B] Programmers are no longer needed
[C] Structured programming is not needed
[D] None of above
4. A system analyst design a new design by ?
[A] Identifying sub system and interfaces between sub system
[B] Adopting a developed system to the present environment
[C] Developing a system as a large, single unit
[D] Propose alternatives to the current system
5. Which of the following might be output as a result of using a CASE tool?
[A] Programming code
[B] Flowchart and adopt flow diagram
[C] Prototype and cost/benefit analysis
[D] All of the above
6. The first items defines for the new system are ?
[A] Inputs
[B] Outputs
[C] Storage
[D] Processing
7. Announcement of MIS implementation is made by ?
[A] Operational level managers
[B] Tactical level managers
[C] The president
[D] All of the above
8. In data flow diagram, an originator or receiver of data is usually designated by ?
[A] A circle
[B] An arrow
[C] A square box
[D] Rectangle
9. The first step of implementation phase is ?
[A] Implementation planning
[B] Select the computer
[C] Announce the implementation project
[D] Prepare physical facilities
10. A feasible document should contain ?
[A] Project name
[B] Problem description
[C] Feasible alternative
[D] Data flow diagram
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