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(Showing: 81 - 90 out of 94 MCQs) Operating System is the main function-able part of our computer system. The operating system multiple choice questions and answers are discussed as below along with their explanations as necessary.
81. Since viruses are only a form of software , they primarily infect---
[A] programs
[B] data
[C] hardware
82. Since viruses are only a form of software , they primarily infect---
[A] programs
[B] data
[C] hardware
83. the software that performs the specific jobs to be done in a business is called---
[A] system software
[B] application software
[C] utilities
84. A popular operting system used with micro computer is---
85. A system program which helps the execution of user programs is known as---
[A] system software
[B] operating system
[C] application program
86. A computer program that instruct other programs to perform a particular type of operation is---
[A] system software
[B] compiler
[C] Interpreter
87. What type of computer programming is used for airplane ticket reservation system ?
[A] multi programming
[B] real time programming
[C] time sharing
88. Group of instructions that directs a computer is called---
[A] programs
[B] Logic
[C] memory
89. The processes of starting or restarting a computer system by loading instruction from a secondary storage device into the completer memory is called----
[A] duping
[B] Booting
[C] padding
90. Multi user systems provided cost savings for small business because they use a single processing unit to link several---
[A] Dumb terminals
[B] mainframes
[C] workstations
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6. In the blocked state ?
[A] the processes waiting for I/O are found
[B] the process which is running is found
[C] the processes waiting for the processor are found
[D] none of the above
Answer: A. the processes waiting for I/O are found
ans is incorrect
In some website ans C is OK

Anirudh Chauhan 4 years ago

in blocked state processes keep waiting either for resources or for I/O . So option A is correct.