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(Showing: 61 - 70 out of 94 MCQs) Operating System is the main function-able part of our computer system. The operating system multiple choice questions and answers are discussed as below along with their explanations as necessary.
61. To avoid the race condition, the number of processes that may be simultaneously inside their critical section is
[A] 8
[B] 1
[C] 16
[D] 0
62. A system program that combines the separately compiled modules of a program into a form suitable for execution
[A] assembler
[B] linking loader
[C] cross compiler
[D] load and go
63. Process is
[A] program in High level language kept on disk
[B] contents of main memory
[C] a program in execution
[D] a job in secondary memory
64. In data base, a field is a----
[A] table of information
[B] lable
[C] group of related records
[D] none of these
65. The data records arranged sequentially one after another in----
[A] serial data file
[B] random data file
[C] sequential data file
[D] none
66. Each line in a data file is called---
[A] record
[B] field
[C] data
[D] none
67. Every file must have a------
[A] data
[B] file name
[C] records
[D] field

The ----- contains data descriptions & defines the name, data type, & length of each field in the database.

[A] data dictionary
[B] data table
[C] data record
[D] data field
69. The purpose of the primary key in a database is to...
[A] unlock the database
[B] provide a map of the data
[C] uniquely identify a record
[D] none
70. When data changes in multiple lists & all lists are not updated, this causes;
[A] data redundancy
[B] information overload
[C] duplicate data
[D] data inconsistency
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6. In the blocked state ?
[A] the processes waiting for I/O are found
[B] the process which is running is found
[C] the processes waiting for the processor are found
[D] none of the above
Answer: A. the processes waiting for I/O are found
ans is incorrect
In some website ans C is OK

Anirudh Chauhan 4 years ago

in blocked state processes keep waiting either for resources or for I/O . So option A is correct.