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(Showing: 51 - 60 out of 119 MCQs) This is Microsoft Office Questions and Answers Section on MS Word 2003 and 2007 Quiz. These MS Word MCQs with Answers PDF will help you for various competition exams, interviews and entrance exams.
51. What is gutter margin?
[A] Margin that is added to the left margin when printing
[B] Margin that is added to right margin when printing
[C] Margin that is added to the binding side of page when printing
[D] Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing
52. Portrait and Landscape are
[A] Page Orientation
[B] Paper Size
[C] Page Layout
[D] All of above
53. If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?
[A] Edit
[B] View
[C] Format
[D] Tools
54. Which of the following is not a font style?
[A] Bold
[B] Italics
[C] Regular
[D] Superscript

How can you disable extended selection mode?

[A] Press Del to disable
[B] Press F8 again to disable
[C] Press Esc to disable
[D] Press Enter to disable
56. 4. What does EXT indicator on status bar of MS Word indicate?
[A] It indicates whether the external text is pasted on document or not
[B] It indicates whether extended add-ons are installed on MS Word or not
[C] It indicates whether Extended Selection mode is turned on or off
[D] None of above
57. What is the maximum number of lines you can set for a drop cap?
[A] 3
[B] 10
[C] 15
[D] 20
58. What is the default number of lines to drop for drop cap?
[A] 3
[B] 10
[C] 15
[D] 20
59. How many columns can you insert in a word document in maximum?
[A] 35
[B] 45
[C] 50
[D] 55
60. What is the smallest and largest font size available in Font Size tool on formatting toolbar?
[A] 8 and 72
[B] 8 and 64
[C] 12 and 72
[D] 12 and 64
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