Digital Electronics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers - Computer Science

Computer Science : Digital Electronics

Here we discuss the multiple choice questions of digital electronics that covers many important and interesting concepts about computer.
1. The schmitt trigger may be used to?
[A] change voltage to corresponding frequency
[B] Change frequency to voltage
[C] Square slowly varying input
[D] None of above

Answer: C. Square slowly varying input

2. Which of the following is minimum error code?
[A] Octal code
[B] Grey code
[C] Binary code
[D] Excess 3 code

Answer: B. Grey code

3. Popular application flip-flop are ?
[A] Counters
[B] Shift registers
[C] Transfer registers
[D] All of above

Answer: D. All of above

4. SR Flip flop can be converted to T-type flip-flop if ?
[A] S is connected to Q
[B] R is connected to Q
[C] Both S and R are shortend
[D] S and R are connected to Q and Q' respectively

Answer: D. S and R are connected to Q and Q' respectively

5. Register is a ?
[A] Set of capacitor used to register input instructions in a digital computer
[B] Set of paper tapes and cards put in a file
[C] Temporary storage unit within the CPU having dedicated or general purpose use
[D] Part of the auxiliary memory

Answer: C. Temporary storage unit within the CPU having dedicated or general purpose use

6. For which of the following flip-flop the output clearly defined for all combinations of two inputs?
[A] Q type flip-flop
[B] R S type flip-flop
[C] J K flip-flop
[D] T flip-flop

Answer: C. J K flip-flop

7. A simple flip-flop
[A] is 2 bit memory
[B] is 1 bit memory
[C] is a four state device
[D] has nothing to do with memory

Answer: B. is 1 bit memory

8. An SR flip flop cannot accept the following input entry
[A] Both input zero
[B] zero at R and one at S
[C] zero at S and one at R
[D] Both inputs one

Answer: D. Both inputs one

9. The main difference between JK and RS flip-flop is that?
[A] JK flip-flop does not need a clock pulse
[B] there is feedback in JK flip-flop
[C] JK flip-flop accepts both inputs as 1
[D] JK flip-flop is acronym of junction cathode multivibrator

Answer: C. JK flip-flop accepts both inputs as 1

10. Radix of binary number system is _____?
[A] 0
[B] 1
[C] 2
[D] A & B

Answer: C. 2


Radix or Base of Binary Number System is 2.

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