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Computer Science : Computer Networks (Page 4)

(Showing: 31 - 37 out of 37 MCQs) Collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of Computer Networking is given below
31. Which of the following terms is used to describe a hardware- or software-based device that protects networks from outside threats?
[B] Gateway
[C] Firewall
[D] Hub
32. Which of the following devices assigns IP address to devices connected to a network that uses TCP/IP?
[A] DHCP Server
[C] Gateway
[D] Hub
33. Which of the following devices translates hostnames into IP addresses?
[A] DNS Server
[B] Hub
[C] DHCP Server
[D] Firewall
34. Switch is a Device of _________ Layer of OSI Model.
[A] Network Layer
[B] Data Link Layer
[C] Application Layer
[D] Session Layer
35. HUB is a _________ Device and Switch is a ________ Device.
[A] Unicast, Multicast
[B] Malticast, Unicast
[C] Broadcast, Unicast
[D] None of Above
36. Star Topology is Based On a Central Device that can be __________ ?
[B] Switch
[C] Only A
[D] Both A and B
37. The data on a DVD is held in the form of ....... on the disc.
[A] small pits and bumps
[B] small bits
[C] small bytes
[D] None of These

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