Computer graphics(CG) Questions and Answers

Computer graphics multiple choice question answers are given in the following quiz.
1. The phenomenon of having a continuous glow of beam on the screen even after it is removed is called ?
[A] Fluorescence
[B] Persistence
[C] Phosphorescence
[D] Incandescence
2. Find the incorrect statement
[A] A perspective projection produces realistic views
[B] A perspective projection preserves realistic dimensions
[C] A parallel projection gives realistic representation of 3-D objects
[D] Both B and C above
3. Oblique projection with an angle of 45 degree to the horizontal plane is called ?
[A] Cabinet projection
[B] Isometric Projection
[C] Cavalier projection
[D] None of above
4. Choose the correct statements
[A] Random scan monitors draw a picture one time at a time
[B] The components line of a random scan picture must be refreshed in a particular order
[C] Raster scan monitors draw a picture one line at a time
[D] Random scan method is well suited for displaying shading and color areas
5. The perspective anomaly in which the object behind the center of projection is projected upside down and backward onto the view plane is called ?
[A] Perspective foreshortening
[B] Vanishing view
[C] View Confusion
[D] Topological distortion
6. Which statement about beam penetration method for producing color display is true ?
[A] it is used with raster scan monitors
[B] It is used with random scan monitors
[C] By using beam penetration method a wide range of colors can be obtained
[D] It uses three beam penetration gun,one for each green,blue and red colors
7. A line connecting the points (1,1) and (5,3) is to be drawn, using DDA algorithm.Find the value of x and y increments
[A] x-increments = 1; y-increments =1
[B] x-increments = 0.5; y-increments =1
[C] x-increments = 1; y-increments =0.5
[D] None of above
8. which display is best suited for CAD systems ?
[A] A CRT with vector refresh monitor
[B] A CRT with raster scan monitor
[C] Plasma panal display
[D] LED display
9. When the computer is not able to maintain operation and display,bright spots occur in the screen.This is called ?
[A] Dropping out
[B] Snowing
[C] Flickering
[D] Blanking
10. All the following hidden surface algorithm employ image space approach except ?
[A] Back face method
[B] Depth buffer method
[C] Scan line algorithm
[D] Depth sort method
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