Computer Science Quiz Questions and Answers

Computer Science Multiple Choice questions and answers with explanations and examples. These Computer Science MCQs will help you for various Interviews, competitive exams or entrance exams.

Multiple Choice Questions

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Parameswar Majhi 4 months ago Reply

So nice questions give the right one!!!!

Naveed Ur Rahman 9 months ago Reply

Sir any questions foand answers for excel and powerpoint

mohd baber 9 months ago Reply

Sir tell me mcq related to zip and unzip programe

Rohan Karthik 9 months ago Reply

Computer Science has taken the vital role in our life.

student 11 months ago Reply

why you don't have excel practice exercises?

Lala Jani 1 year ago Reply

v.helpfull to me and also recommended to others by me .thanks

koushik killada 1 year ago Reply

more questions from ms excel and powerpoint

Learner 1 year ago Reply

can i download / copy all questions at once in word / pdf format ?

Ovaish 1 year ago Reply

1. Which is the fastest memory of computer?
2. Which is the slowest memory of computer?

Naveed Ur Rahman 9 months ago

Fastest register
Slowest harddisk

ABHIJEET OMKAR 1 year ago Reply

what are the main points to be kept in mind while working in small basic?