Canada - Ontario Security Guard Test 2020 Questions and Answers Practice

Latest Ontario Security Guard Practice Mock Test Questions and Answers for 2020 Exam. These canada security guard practice test questions are in the form of MCQ in same pattern as real exam.

1. You are on patrol in a mall as a Security guard and you see a male smoking a "Joint" (Marijuana) on the property outside the east doors. What would be the best course of action?
[A] Arrest the male and seize the drugs, call police
[B] Take the "joint" from the male and turn over it over to police
[C] You have no authority to arrest for or seize the drugs. You should ask the male to leave the premises for a prohibited activity, make note of his description then contact police
[D] Contact the police and await a search warrant
2. When a security guard makes an arrest for theft what federal law gives them the authority to make this arrest?
[A] The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
[B] The Liquor Control Act
[C] The Criminal Code of Canada
[D] Section 9 of the Trespass to Property Act
3. The Trespass to Property Act is
[A] Federal
[B] Municipal
[C] Provincial
[D] None of the above
4. The maximum fine, if convicted, under the PSISA for a Security guard is
[A] $2000
[B] $10,000
[C] $25,000
[D] $350,000
5. In Provincial Court a Judge is called
[A] Your Worship
[B] Your Highness
[C] Your Honor
[D] Your Majesty
6. On a site, how to deal with a bomb threat would be addressed in
[A] Post standing orders
[B] Emergency measures plan
[C] Employee pension plan
[D] None of the above
7. What is a Tort?
[A] Bad evidence in a criminal proceeding
[B] Non-contractual civil wrong
[C] Hair and fiber evidence
[D] None of the above
8. Which of the following would not be a level of Court in Ontario
[A] Ontario Court of Justice
[B] Provincial/territorial Superior Courts
[C] Ontario Court of Appeal
[D] Court of Queen's Bench
9. A trial at which the defendant is not physically present is referred to as a trial
[A] In absentia
[B] Of Habeas corpus
[C] In Common law
[D] Not to Appear
10. An "Information" is the name of a document used
[A] To formally charge an offender
[B] Is used to make notes about an incident
[C] To compile intelligence
[D] None of the above
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