British Columbia BC Driving Test 2019 Practice Questions and Answers

In order to receive either your BC learner's licence or driver's licence, you'll need to pass a written exam consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions based on the 2019 BC Learn to Drive Smart Manual. The manual will cover all the topics you will face on the exam, from safety belt laws to right-of-way regulations. This BC practice test, which features questions written in the same format as those you'll find on the written test and covers the same information, will allow you to make sure that you're fully prepared for your exam, and will increase your chance of passing the first time.

Follow the same direction while entering and leaving.
1. Which of the following rules must be followed when drivers wish to use a traffic circle?
[A] Must turn right to enter and turn left to leave.
[B] Must turn left to enter and turn left to leave.
[C] Must turn right to enter and turn right again to leave.
[D] Must turn left to enter and turn right to leave.
Hand-held phone can be used in emergencies.
2. Which of the following is a true statement regarding cell phone usage while driving?
[A] Drivers can use hand-held cell phone to make a 9-1-1 call.
[B] Experienced drivers can use hand-held devices.
[C] All drivers can use hand-held devices for texting.
[D] GLP drivers can use hands-free cell phones.
Using marijuana does not improve driving skills.
3. Marijuana may cause all of the following effects on the driver EXCEPT:
[A] Misunderstand visual cues from the driving environment.
[B] Increased awareness and control of speed.
[C] Delayed responses in emergency situations.
[D] Difficulty following the movement of vehicles.
The school bus driver will turn on alternating flashing amber lights when preparing to stop.
4. Which of the following indicates that the school bus ahead is preparing to stop?
[A] Sounding horn
[B] Flashing headlights
[C] Flashing red lights
[D] Flashing amber lights
Road can be slippery.
5. Heavy rain results in which of the following dangerous driving conditions?
[A] Lack of control of the speed and vision impairment.
[B] Loss of traction and hydroplaning.
[C] Failed engine and flat tire.
[D] Exterior vehicle damage and head light failure.
A car seat is required by law!
6. Which of the following car seats must be used for a new-born?
[A] A rear-facing car seat
[B] A booster
[C] No car seat is necessary.
[D] A front-facing car seat
The manual is required for the knowledge test.
7. All of the following are required for the learner's licence at the drivers licensing office EXCEPT:
[A] Primary identification document
[B] Fees
[C] Secondary identification document
[D] Drivers instructions manual
Ideal position is at the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock position.
8. What is the ideal hand position on the steering wheel?
[A] On the front side of the wheel.
[B] On the outside of the wheel.
[C] On the inside of the wheel.
[D] At the centre of the wheel.
Avoid crossing.
9. If a driver hears or sees a train approaching at the crossing, he/she must do the following:
[A] Stop and don't proceed until it is safe.
[B] Cross the track with maximum speed.
[C] Take another route.
[D] Cross the track while carefully watching the train.
Between $2,000 and $3,000.
10. If a driver gets 17 demerit points, he/she would need to pay a penalty of:
[A] Over $1,000
[B] Over $3,000
[C] Over $1,500
[D] Over $2,500
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