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Alberta Learner's Practice Test Questions and Answers 2018-2019. The province of Alberta makes every effort to ensure that its roads are safe, including having a very stringent driver licensing program. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the rules and regulations of driving on Alberta's roads. It covers not only signs, compulsory limits etc. but also your knowledge of how to drive in different situations. Use the hint button if you're stuck, and good luck. There is a full explanation of each answer to help improve your knowledge.

Watch the speed limit at all times!
11. Under what circumstances are you allowed to exceed the speed limit when passing another vehicle?
[A] If the other vehicle speeds up
[B] Only on a multi-lane highway
[C] None
[D] Only if you are in a rush
Police come first.
12. A police officer is waving you through an intersection with a red light. What should you do?
[A] Ignore the signal and obey the officer
[B] Ignore the officer and obey the signal
[C] Make a U-turn and find a different route
[D] Stop and ask the officer why he is waving you through
Focus on one thing at a time!
13. You are driving and someone texts you. You should
[A] wait until you're stopped in a safe place.
[B] check your text when stopped at a red light.
[C] check your phone only if there are no other vehicles around.
[D] reduce your speed and check your phone.
Use a dedicated lane for left turns!
14. When turning left from one two-way street onto another, where should you begin your turn?
[A] The right-hand lane
[B] To the left of the center line
[C] The left-hand lane
[D] It doesn't matter
Something is wrong on the right side.
15. If a vehicle starts to pull strongly to the right, it indicates
[A] right side tire failure.
[B] transmission failure.
[C] brake failure.
[D] left side tire failure.
Observe the quiet time.
16. You must avoid honking your horn or revving up your engine in residential areas between the hours of
[A] 10 p.m. – 7 a.m.
[B] 2 p.m. – 4 a.m.
[C] 12 p.m. – 6 a.m.
[D] 6 p.m. – 6 a.m.
The punishments for drinking and driving are harsh!
17. If your blood alcohol level measures between .05 and .08 % when driving, you'll be subject to the following roadside sanction(s) for your first offence within 10 years:
[A] Your vehicle will be seized for 3 days.
[B] Your licence will be suspended for 3 days.
[C] Your vehicle will be towed.
[D] All of the above
Twice the trouble
18. Speeding in work areas when workers are present will result in the speed fines
[A] doubled.
[B] tripled.
[C] waived.
[D] None of the above
Leave these spots for those that need them!
19. You may not park in a designated parking space for persons with disabilities unless
[A] you possess a disabled parking permit.
[B] you are staying less than five minutes.
[C] you have more than 1 child with you.
[D] all other parking spots are full.
Don't cruise it!
20. When driving in poor weather and/or road conditions, you should avoid using
[A] cruise control.
[B] your headlights.
[C] your GPS.
[D] your brakes.
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