Alberta Driver's Practice Test 2018 Questions for Free

Alberta Driver Practice Test Questions and Answers quiz for free download PDF. These practice driver test questions will helps you to become fully licensed driver in Alberta those are aware of all the rules and regulations which govern motor vehicles in Alberta.

This free driver's practice test is designed to quiz you on what it is legally compulsory to do on Alberta's roads, and also on what makes a good driver. Use the hint button if you need help, and whether you get the answer right or wrong, have a look at the full explanation which can give you a better understanding of why the rules, regulations and advice exist.

A long way off
1. When approaching an oncoming vehicle at night, you should switch to low beam headlights before you get within what distance of it?
[A] 300 m
[B] 100 m
[C] 200 m
[D] 150 m
Keep it down
2. When driving in heavy fog, you should use
[A] high beam lights.
[B] no lights.
[C] low beam lights.
[D] hazard lights.
Don't upset the balance
3. You enter a curve and due to wet conditions your vehicle starts to skid. What should you do to control it?
[A] Brake hard
[B] Pull on the parking brake
[C] Stay off the accelerator and brake and just steer
[D] Accelerate out of the skid
Nearly a 10th of a mile
4. If you wish to make a U-turn outside an urban area, you must be sure that you can be seen by other drivers for what distance in both directions?
[A] 200 m
[B] 100 m
[C] 50 m
[D] 150 m
Let it roll to safety.
5. You are parking your vehicle facing uphill on a street without a curb. In which direction should you be turning your front wheels?
[A] Straight ahead
[B] Towards the center of the road (to the left)
[C] Towards the edge of the road (to the right)
[D] Any of the above
Let it glide
6. If your vehicle starts to hydroplane, what should you do?
[A] Apply the brakes lightly
[B] Accelerate hard
[C] Stay off both brakes and accelerator
[D] Apply the brakes hard
Below 40 mph
7. No matter what the posted speed limit, when passing emergency vehicles or tow trucks that are stopped with flashing lights activated, you must not exceed what speed?
[A] 55 KM/H
[B] 70 KM/H
[C] 60 KM/H
[D] 50 KM/H
The right has the rights
8. At a four-way intersection with stop signs on all corners, two vehicles arrive at the same moment. Courtesy rules demand that which vehicle proceeds first?
[A] The one carrying the highest speed
[B] The one coming from the left
[C] The one coming from the right
[D] The largest vehicle by the length
30 feet
9. When following a log hauling truck, you should be aware that logs may stick out how far beyond the bed of the truck?
[A] 7 m
[B] 5 m
[C] 9m
[D] 15 m
18 mph
10. When you see a sign that has flashing yellow lights on it, you must slow to a maximum of…?
[A] 50 KM/H
[B] 10 KM/H below the speed limit
[C] 30 KM/H
[D] 40 KM/H
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