Alberta AMA Driving practice test 2018 questions and answers QUIZ

Alberta AMA Driving practice test questions and answers quiz for free. These AMA practice test questions will helps you to become licensed to driver in Alberta you need to know all rules and regulations which apply on the province's roads. This free AMA practice test quizzes you on the full variety of things you should know to become a safe and responsible driver.

There is a 'NOT' in the question.
1. If you leave the paved portion of the roadway, which of these should you NOT do to recover your position?
[A] Steer gradually back to the roadway
[B] Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel
[C] Apply the brakes
[D] Take your foot off the gas pedal
5 feet
2. You must attach a red flag (day) or a red light (night) to a load that extends beyond the rear of your vehicle by
[A] 1 m.
[B] 25 cm.
[C] 1.5 m.
[D] 0.5 m.
Tires may need frequent replacement.
3. Under-inflated tires and low tire pressure can cause
[A] increased fuel economy.
[B] faster tire wear.
[C] decreased stopping distance.
[D] all of the above.
It rhymes: "Flashing ___ means snowplow ahead".
4. Snowplows are equipped with flashing ___ lights to make them more visible.
[A] green and blue
[B] red and blue
[C] amber and red
[D] yellow
Check you mirrors about every block.
5. When driving in urban areas, it is recommended to check your rear view mirrors
[A] every 30 seconds.
[B] every 8-12 seconds.
[C] every 15-17 seconds.
[D] only when you're slowing or stopping.
Watch the sun!
6. Unless otherwise posted, restrictions in playground zones are enforced from 8:30 AM until
[A] 7:00 PM.
[B] 8:00 PM.
[C] one hour before sunset.
[D] one hour after sunset.
Not too long for the first offence.
7. A GDL driver who violates the Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance condition will lose their licence for _____ for their first offence.
[A] an indefinite amount of time
[B] 30 days
[C] 1 year
[D] 6 months
No, no and no.
8. When fueling a vehicle, you should NOT
[A] smoke.
[B] use a cellular phone.
[C] leave your your vehicle running.
[D] do any of the above.
Yellow means caution.
9. You are approaching an intersection with a solid yellow light. You should
[A] make a U-turn.
[B] speed up and cross the intersection.
[C] back up.
[D] not enter the intersection.
Red always means 'stop'!
10. If you intend to make a right turn on a red light, you must
[A] maintain a constant speed.
[B] come to a complete stop and yield to traffic and pedestrians before turning.
[C] slow down.
[D] sound your horn to warn other drivers you're turning.
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