Aboriginal peoples of Canada Questions and Answers for Canadian Citizenship Test 2017

Aboriginal peoples of Canada Questions and Answers for Canadian Citizenship Test 2017. This Aboriginal peoples quiz have various multiple choice questions will allow you to know the knowledge of Canada. How much do you know about Aboriginal people & our history in Canada?

On June 21 celebrations across Canada will mark National Aboriginal Day... and comedian and writer Darrell Dennis offers you a primer - informative AND fun -- to get you ready for the occasion.

Subjective Questions and Answers

1. Who are the Aboriginal peoples in Canada?
The Aboriginal peoples were the first people to live in Canada.

2. What are the three main groups of Aboriginal peoples?
The three main groups are the First Nations, the Inuit, and the Metis.
3. From whom are the Metis descended?
The Metis are descended from early French and English fur traders and First Nations women.
4. The federal government placed Aboriginal children in residential schools to educate and assimilate them. How did the Aboriginal people feel about the schools?
The Aboriginal people did not welcome the schools, as Aboriginal language and cultural practices were prohibited.

5. Which group of Aboriginal peoples makes up more than half of the population in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut?
The Inuit make up more than half of the population of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

6. Why are the Aboriginal peoples of Canada working toward self-government?
The Aboriginal people of Canada are working toward self-government to keep their unique cultures and languages alive and to regain control over decisions that affect their lives.

7. Who have major responsibilities on First Nations (Aboriginal peoples) reserves?
The major responsibilities on First Nations reserves are taken care of by Band chiefs and councilors.

1. In Canada, National Aboriginal Day coincides with what annual seasonal occurrence?
[A] Summer Equinox
[B] Summer Break
[C] Summer Solstice
[D] Summer Lovin’
[E] Suzanne Sommers
2. Which Aboriginal people are exempt from paying income taxes in Canada?
[A] Some First Nations
[B] Some Metis
[C] Some Inuit
[D] Indigenous Australians
[E] All of the above
3. What was the official charge that Louis Riel was hanged for in 1885?
[A] Murder
[B] Trespassing
[C] Cattle Theft
[D] Treason
[E] Interracial marriage
4. When did First Nations get the vote in Canada?
[A] 1860
[B] 1906
[C] 1936
[D] 1960
[E] First Nations people could always vote in Canada
5. Which Canadian celebrity claimed Aboriginal heritage saying “I’m enough per cent that in Canada I can get free gas.”
[A] Ryan Gosling
[B] Drake
[C] Justin Bieber
[D] Seth Rogen
[E] Tim Horton
6. What system of First Nation governance was the U.S. constitution supposedly based upon?
[A] The Assembly of First Nations
[B] The Six Nations Confederacy
[C] Grand Council of the Crees
[D] Metis National Council
[E] A Tribe Called Red
7. What is the most widely spoken Aboriginal language in Nunavut?
[A] Atanarjuat
[B] Nanook
[C] Inuinnaqtun
[D] Inuktitut
[E] Aglukark
8. What is the name of the 1795 treaty that allows free passage of First Nations between the U.S. and Canadian border?
[A] The Jay Treaty
[B] The Blue Jay Treaty
[C] The Jay Silverheels Treaty
[D] The Jay Zee Treaty
[E] The Jay to the World Treaty
9. Who are the Aboriginal peoples in Canada?
[A] French and Métis
[B] The first inhabitants of Canada.
[C] Early European immigrants.
[D] United Empire Loyalists
10. In which parts of Canada did the Aboriginal peoples first live?
[A] The Great Lakes region.
[B] The Prairies.
[C] All regions.
[D] The West coast
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