C Programming - C Operators Questions and Answers

Following are the multiple choice questions based on the C operators from C Programming Language Section.
1. Which of the following operator takes only integer operands?
[A] +
[B] *
[C] /
[D] %
2. Pick the operator that not associates from the left?
[A] +
[B] -
[C] =
[D] <
3. Pick the operator that not associates from the right?
[A] ?:
[B] +=
[C] =\
[D] !=
4. The operators .,!!,<,= if arranged in ascending order of precedence reads ?
[A] .,!!,<,=
[B] =,<,!!,.
[C] =,!!,<,.
[D] <,!!,=,.
5. Which of the following comment about the ++ operator are correct?
[A] It is unary operator
[B] The operand can come before or after the operator
[C] It cannot be applied to an expression
[D] All of above
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Richa Ferwani 4 years ago Reply

Helpful... But add some more questions related to programming.

balu 6 years ago Reply

be the questions be difficult and more questions on loops