SBI Clerk - Mock Test Paper 1 - English Questions and Answers

Read the passage given below and then answer the questions given below the passage. Some words may be highlighted for your attention. Pay careful attention. 

Once upon a time, a Brahmin named Ananda Sharma lived happily with his family in a small village. He was a devotee of Fire-God. One day, during monsoons, when the sky was sunless with clouds, he planned to perform a sacrificial offering. He travelled to a nearby village, to visit his disciple named Deekshit, to request for a goat that he will offer it as a sacrifice to the God.

On his arrival, he requested Deekshit, “Son, I want to conduct a sacrificial offering on this auspicious day. Please offer me a well-fed goat.”The devotee agreed and offered him one of his best goats.

Ananda Sharma started his journey homewards. He carried the goat on his shoulders, so that he would not have any problems in controlling the animal on the way home. On his way home, three bandits watched him distantly. They were famished, and Ananda Sharma was all alone with his goat.

They discussed, “We can satiate our extreme hunger in this cold monsoon, if we can catch the goat that the Brahmin is carrying.” They decided to entrap Ananda Sharma, in order to gain the goat for themselves.

As planned, the first crook stood in the Brahmin’s path, by taking a shorter road.

When Ananda Sharma, with the goat on his shoulders, approached him, the bandit enquired, “Oh Brahmin, are you harebrained?” “Why on earth you are carrying a dog on your shoulders?”

On hearing this, the Brahmin was irked, he replied, “Why can’ you see any differences between a goat and a dog? Are you blind? Can’t you see that I am carrying a sacrificial goat?”

The bandit had played his part and replied, “Please don’t get irritated. You may have it as per your wish. Please carry on with your journey”. A little further, he was approached by the second bandit, who said, “Oh Brahmin, shame on you! How can you carry a dead calf on your shoulders like that? Shame on you!”

Ananda Sharma shouted, “Are you blind? Can’t you see properly? It is a goat and not a dead calf”. To this the second bandit replied, “Have it anyway you want it to be, please don’t bother me and carry on.” When Ananda Sharma went a little further, the third bandit persuaded him, “Oh Brahmin. How can you do such an insane thing? Why do you carry a donkey on your shoulders? Put it down, before anyone sees you doing this!”

Now, Ananda Sharma felt skeptical and suspected that he must be carrying a devil, which is changing its shape all the while.

Fearing so, he left the goat on the ground and fled home terrified. The bandits succeeded in their plan. They snatched the goat at once and consumed it heartily.

1. Which of the following is most opposite in meaning to the word ‘skeptical’ as given in the passage?
[A] questioning
[B] mistrustful
[C] critical
[D] trusting
[E] suspecting
2. Who does Ananda Sharma request to offer him a goat?

his son

[B] a relative
[C] one of his friends
[D] his disciple Deekshit
[E] Three bandits
3. Which of the following comes closest in meaning to the word ‘famished’ given in the passage?
[A] full
[B] satisfied
[C] stuffed
[D] starved
[E] loaded
4. For what purpose, Ananda Sharma wanted to perform a sacrificial offering to God?
[A] It is his wife’s desire
[B] since it is his profession
[C] to express his worship
[D] as it is an auspicious day
[E] None of the above
5. Why did the three bandits decide to trick Ananda Sharma?
[A] to kill him
[B] to kidnap him
[C] to steal his goat
[D] to rob him
[E] to fool him
6. What is the most likely reason for the bandit to consider Ananda Sharma carrying a dead calf to be a shameful act?
[A] the bandit hated the calf
[B] to advance the misleading
[C] cow is a sacred animal to Brahmin
[D] he thought it was useless to carry a dead calf
[E] None of the above
7. Which of the following comes closest in meaning to the word ‘irked’ given in the passage?
[A] cheered
[B] tickled
[C] annoyed
[D] created
[E] murdered
8. Which of the following comes closest in meaning to the word ‘harebrained’ given in the passage?
[A] serious
[B] joking
[C] foolish
[D] sober
[E] unsuccessful
9. Why did Ananda Sharma leave the goat?
[A] he was so tired of carrying it
[B] he suspected it to be a devil
[C] he believed that it was a dead calf
[D] he felt that it was a donkey
[E] None of the above
10. According to you, what must be the conclusion of the passage?
[A] The weak must make use of all tactics to survive.
[B] Don’t be taken in by the sweet words of a swindler.
[C] A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
[D] Even a powerful enemy can be destroyed through deceit.
[E] Act immediately when you see a danger coming.
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