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1. Delhi metro established in ---year
[A] 2017
[B] 2002
2. which is the best mobile in the world?
3. the system of english language in india begain in ?
[A] 1713
[B] 1813
4. what is printed on the bottom of page
[A] footer
[B] footenot
5. How many second need to rbc to take round of whole body
[A] 0.7
[B] 10
[C] 20
[D] 0.5
6. In ittefaq movie who is production house?
A. Yes Raj films
B . Dherma production
C . Red Chillies
D . B and C.
7. How many minute take sun Ray to reach earth and find the distance between sun to earth
[A] 4 minutes
[B] 8 minute
[C] 3minute
8. Who was the 1 president
9. Who is the first Mughal emperor of the Mughal Dynasty?
[A] Aurangzeb
[B] Shah Jahan
[C] Babur
[D] Akbar
10. Who is the only bowler in ODI's both men's and women's cricket included, to take four wickets in a match without conceding a single run ?