Aptitude - Profit & Loss Questions and Answers

Here we are presenting aptitude questions related to profit and loss

Company A purchased rice from two sources. From one source, company A purchased 8 kg of rice for Rs.100 and from other source, it purchased 4 kg of rice for Rs.120. There is a loss of 2 % due to transportation. At what price should company A sell the rice so that it can make a total profit of 10 % as well as recover the transportation cost which is 5 % of cost price?

[A] Rs.17.5 per kg
[B] Rs.19.5 per kg
[C] Rs.21.5 per kg
[D] Rs.25 per kg

I had purchased some Dollars in exchange of Rupees at Rs. 47.00 per dollar rate. I had also paid 0.5% Tobin tax in dollars. After some time, when the rate went up to Rs. 48.00 per dollar, I sold all my dollars and purchased rupees from that. This time also I had to pay Tobin tax of 0.5% in dollars. After this whole transaction I had Rs. 2000 more than what I had initially. What amount did I have in the beginning?

[A] Rs. 100000
[B] Rs. 200000
[C] Rs. 150000
[D] Rs. 50000

Mr. Y bought a piano and sold it at a loss of 20%. If he had bought it for 10% less and sold it at Rs. 999 more than the previous selling price, he would have made a profit of 30%. Find the original cost price of the piano.

[A] Rs. 2850
[B] Rs. 2700
[C] Rs. 3000
[D] Rs. 2900

The Dollar: Rupees exchange rate has been fluctuated madly for the last three days. On Monday it dropped down by 20% of its starting value, on Tuesday rose by 50% and on Wednesday dropped again by 20%. If Amit borrows 100 dollars and lends 1000 rupees on Monday, he repays the dollar amount in rupee equivalent of 100 dollars on Tuesday and gets back the dollar equivalent of 1000 rupees on Wednesday. How much does he gain or lose in terms of rupees. (The exchange rate at the start of the trading, i.e., before Monday, Rs.50 per dollar)

[A] 2000
[B] - 2000
[C] 3000
[D] - 3000

The cost price of a dozen mangoes is equal to the selling price of 10 mangoes. The selling price of apples per piece is the cost of a mango (per piece). If the profit % made on selling an apple is half that of selling a mango, then what is the cost (in Rs.)  of an apple if the selling price of one mango is Rs. X?

[A] x/6
[B] 5x/6
[C] 25x/33
[D] 33x/25

3 Candidates A, B and C stand for elections. A secures the highest votes and gets 80% more votes than the lowest C. In another round of elections, the percentage of the total votes polled by B remains unchanged, and the same number of people vote. A is now 10% higher than C. C has gained over the previous votes by what percentage?

[A] 21 ¾ %
[B] 33 (1/3) %
[C] 37 ½ %
[D] Data insufficient

A person after selling 3¼ % stock at \(95{2 \over 3}\) realizes Rs.22960. He now invests 2/5 of the amount in 4% stock at Rs.82, 2/5 of the original amount at Rs.164 in 5% stock and the remaining in 2% stock at Rs.112. Find the change in his income.

[A] Rs.24 loss
[B] Rs.24 profit
[C] Rs.30 loss
[D] Rs.30 profit

A man invests equal sums in 6% stock and 8% stock, and gets 10% for his money. The 8% stock is at Rs. 80. What is the price at which he purchased the 6% stock?

[A] Rs. 60
[B] Rs. 80
[C] Rs. 100
[D] Rs. 120

l % of a population are literates, f % of the literates are females and m% of the illiterates are males. Find the ratio of literate males to that of illiterate females

[A] (100 – f).l/(100 – m)
[B] (m/f) . d
[C] [(100 – m).l/(100 – f). (100 – l)] 
[D] [(100 – f).l] / [(100 – m) (100 – l)]

A buys an article at Rs. 700. He sells it to B at a profit of 5%. B sells it to C at loss of 10%. How much did C pay for the article?

[A] Rs. 680.5
[B] Rs. 661.5
[C] Rs. 671.5
[D] Rs. 699.5
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