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PSTET (Punjab State TET) : Paper 1 - Set A - English Language

Paper 1 - Set A - English Language

Punjab State Teachers Eligibility Test (PSTET) - Paper 1 Final Master Set A - English Language 30 MCQ Mock Questions and Answers. PSTET Set A Solved Paper 2011, 2012, 2013. English Language Section MCQ.

Author: Deepika
Published on: May 08th, 2013
Last Update on: May 08th, 2013
Total Questions: 30 MCQ
Category: PSTET (Punjab State TET)

1.  Why underprivileged sections have to reconcile to their inferior status?
[A]they are unable to effectively utilize the education system
[B]they have no interest in the system
[C]they are illiterate
[D]all of these
2.  Which is the best explanation as to why the few from the weaker section that survive and succeed in spite of all the handicaps are generally co-opted within the system?
[A]to prevent the revolt in the society
[B]to satisfy their instinct
[C]to augument the position of the privileged class
[D]all of these
3.  How do socially powerful people try to maintain their privileged position?
[A]by maintaining control over political systems
[B]by maintaining control over social systems
[C]by maintaining control over education systems
[D]all of these

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions (Q. 31-37 / 1-7) that follow by choosing the best alternative:
In these times of worldwide skyrocketing energy costs, experts are turning to perhaps the only energy source that is still immune to price fluctuations: the Sun. Economic necessity appears to be largely responsible for the rapidly growing acceptance of solar heat as an alternative source. Electricity has been a clean and versatile form of energy that continues to grow in importance for lighting, heating and cooking, and for powering our increasingly automated and computerized society. The demand for electricity is expected to grow more in future than the average trend in the past. A mix of energy sources is required as hedge against shortages in any one area, and the electricity supply companies are taking a second look at renewable generating technologies, particularly those based in the sun. Every 15 minutes, the sun delivers to earth radiant energy to meet all mankind's power needs for a full year. But harnessing this energy is complicated by two properties of sunlight: its diffuseness and its variability with time of day, season and weather conditions. These factors pose formidable technical challenges for the efficient conversion of solar radiation into bulk, utility grade electric power. Nevertheless, solar technologies are attractive to utilities because they are environment-friendly and offer a low regulatory risk, limited capital risk, and less lead time.

4.  Why are experts, according to the passage, looking at the sun as an energy source?
[A]due to depletion of other sources of energy
[B]as other energy forms pollute the environment
[C]increasing costs of other sources
[D]all of the above
5.  Experts are impressed with the solar energy technologies because...
[A]of them being good for the environment
[B]they require less investment
[C]they can be employed in quick time
[D]all of these
6.  Why is sun such an important source of alternative energy?
[A]it is available free of cost
[B]it is available everywhere in the world
[C]it can satisfy human energy requirements alone if tapped properly
[D]all of these
7.  What is the major difficulty in employing solar energy?
[A]fluctuations in weather
[B]by nature sunlight is diffuse
[C]sunlight varies from time to time
[D]all of these
8.  Why are power generating companies looking at mix energy options?
[A]the sources of energy are getting scarce but demand is increasing
[B]government is controlling prices of electricity
[C]alternative sources of energy are available free and without regulations
[D]all of these
9.  Identify the word closest in meaning to the word: "VERSATILE"
10.  Identify the word opposite in meaning to the word: "FORMIDABLE"