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PHP Programming : PHP Basics

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is server side widely used open source scripting language. This is set of Multiple choice questions and answers on PHP Basics and Fundamentals. These questions are helpful for freshers to learn PHP in easiest way.
1. What is Full Form of PHP?
[A] Private Home Page
[B] PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
[C] Personal Hypertext Processor

Answer: B. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor


The most popular explanation of just what PHP stands for is "Hypertext Pre-processor". But that would make it HPP, surely? An alternative explanation is that the initials come from the earliest version of the program, which was called Personal Home Page Tools. At least you get the letters "PHP" in the right order!
2. What is the latest Version of PHP?
[A] 5.3
[B] 3.5
[C] 5.5
[D] 5.6

Answer: D. 5.6


PHP Version 5.6.6 was officially released on 19th Feb 2015. 
3. ........ is default file extension of PHP
[A] .html
[B] .php
[C] .ph
[D] .aspx

Answer: B. .php


The Default file extension for PHP is .php, but now these days developers use .html or remove this by using mod_rewrite in htacces file for user friendly URLs. 
4. Which of the following must be installed on your computer so as to run PHP script? 
i) Adobe Dreamweaver 
ii) PHP 
ii) Apache
iv) IIS
[A] All of the mentioned.
[B] Only ii
[C] ii and iii
[D] ii, iii and iv

Answer: D. ii, iii and iv


To run PHP code you need to have PHP and a web server, both IIS and Apache are web servers.You can choose either one according to your platform.
5. Which of the following is/are a PHP code editor?
i) Notepad
ii) Notepad++
iii) PHPStrom
iv) Dreamweaver

[A] Only iv
[B] All of the mentioned.
[C] i, ii and iii
[D] Only iii

Answer: B. All of the mentioned.


Any of the above editors can be used to type php code and run it.

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