History and Culture Questions and Answers - General Knowledge

Here we presenting with National and International History Multiple choice Questions with answers. Global Culture MCQ Quiz for various competitive exams or interviews.

General Knowledge: History and Culture

1. Which Statement is correct about Vardhmana Mahavira. (1)Vardhmana Mahavira was born in 540 BC in Lumbani near Kapilavastu. (2)His father was the head of a famous kshatriya clan and his mother a Lichachvi princess. (3)He attained perfect knowledge or kaivalya at the age of 42.
[A] 1 and 2 only
[B] 2 and 3 only
[C] 1 and 3 only
[D] All of the Above
2. The Translation of which of the following text is known as Razmnamah?
[A] Ramayana
[B] Lilavati
[C] Atharvaveda
[D] Mahabharata
3. Who returned the 'Kaiser I Hind ' medal due to Jallianwala tragedy?
[A] Motilal Nehru
[B] Mahatma Gandhi
[C] M.R. Jayakar
[D] Rabindranath Tagore
4. Which Movement was launched along with the Khilafat Movement?
[A] Swadeshi movement
[B] Home rule movement
[C] Civil Disobedience movement
[D] Non-cooperation Movement
5. M.K. Gandhi applied his "Satyagraha" first against?
[A] The European Indigo Planters
[B] The mill owners of Ahmedabad
[C] The British Government
[D] The raciest authorities of South Africa
6. Where did the congress working committee first accept the idea of the quit India Movement?
[A] Wardha
[B] Bombay
[C] Nagpur
[D] Pune
[E] All of the Above
7. Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, October 2nd is observed as?
[A] International Day of Violence.
[B] International Day of Non-Violence.
[C] International Day of peace
[D] None of these
8. When did Gandhi travel to South Africa for legal work?
[A] 1882
[B] 1888
[C] 1893
[D] None of these
9. Which Satyagraha was the first to be started by Gandhiji in India?
[A] Non-cooperation Movement in 1942
[B] Champaran in 1918
[C] Swadeshi movement in 1917
[D] None of these
10. Gandhiji's famous Harijan- uplift tour started from?
[A] Wardha
[B] Bombay
[C] Pune
[D] Nagpur

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