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General Knowledge : History and Culture

1. Which one of the following sculptures invariably used green shiest as the medium inspired by Greeks ?
[A] Maurya sculptures
[B] Mathura sculptures
[C] Brahut sculptures
[D] Gandhara sculptures
2. The concept of Anuvrata was advocated by ?
[A] Himayana Buddhism
[B] Jainism
[C] Lokayata School
[D] Mahayana Buddhism
3. In Sanskrit plays written during Gupta period women and shudras speak ?
[A] Prakrit
[B] Sanskrit
[C] Pali
[D] Sauraseni
4. Which one of the following temples figured in the news regarding the institution of Devdasis ?
[A] Pasupathinath Temple Kathmandu
[B] Jagganath Temple Puri
[C] Kandariyamhadev Temple Khajuraho
[D] Chausathyogini Temple, Bheraghat
5. Who among the following was a Brahmavadini who composed some hymns of Vedas ?
[A] Leelavati
[B] Savitri
[C] Gargi
[D] Lopamudra
6. The river most mentioned in early Vedic Literature is ?
[A] Sarasvati
[B] Ganga
[C] Sindhu
[D] Sutudri
7. The word Hindu as referred to the people of Hind was first used by ?
[A] The Arabs
[B] The Chinese
[C] The Romans
[D] The Greeks
8. Which of the following places is famous for Chikankari work, which is a traditional art of embroidery?
[A] Lucknow
[B] Hyderabad
[C] Jaipur
[D] Mysore
9. Kalchakra ceremony is associated with which of the following ceremonies?
[A] Hinduism
[B] Buddhism
[C] Jainism
[D] Islam
10. In which of the following festivals are boat races a special feature?
[A] Onam
[B] Rongali Bihu
[C] Navratri
[D] Pongal

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