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General Knowledge : Biology (Page 6)

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General knowledge Biology Questions and Answers. Read these Biology quiz questions based on NCERT Book for SSC CGL 2016 Exam and other similar examinations.

51. The pteridophyte produces two kinds of spores.
[A] lycopodium
[B] Psilotum
[C] Selaginella
[D] Adiantum

Answer: C. Selaginella

52. Survival of the fittest' was proposed in his theory of evolution by
[A] Darwin
[B] Lamarck
[C] Mendel
[D] Hugo de vries

Answer: A. Darwin

53. Mark the correct statement :
[A] Foramen magnum is in the skull
[B] Foramen magnum is an aperture in the heart
[C] Foramen magnum is a large hole in the voice box
[D] Foramen magnum does not exist anywhere

Answer: B. Foramen magnum is an aperture in the heart

54. Mark the correct statement:
[A] All sperms fertilize all eggs
[B] Eggs are fertilized by many sperms
[C] Each egg is usually fertilized by one sperm
[D] Each sperm fertilizes one egg.

Answer: C. Each egg is usually fertilized by one sperm

55. Which part of the human brain is the centre of memory, learning, thinking and reasoning?
[A] Cerebrum
[B] Hypophysis
[C] Cerebellum
[D] Medulla

Answer: A. Cerebrum

56. The kinds of ribonucleic acid present in any plant cell will be
[A] 2
[B] 4
[C] 3
[D] 5

Answer: A. 2

57. Gene mutation takes place in
[A] Deoxyribonucleric acid
[B] Chloroplast
[C] Mitochondrion
[D] Ribosome

Answer: C. Mitochondrion

58. Which of the following hormones is responsible for the emotional states such as fear, anger and tension and a rise in blood pressure and heart rate?
[A] Somatotrophin
[B] Oxytocin
[C] Thyroxine
[D] Adrenaline

Answer: D. Adrenaline

59. The children of a colour-blind mother and a normal father will be
[A] Normal daughters and sons
[B] Normal sons and carrier daughters
[C] Colour blind sons and carrier daughters
[D] Colour blind sons and daughters

Answer: C. Colour blind sons and carrier daughters

60. The blood which leaves the liver and moves to the heart has a higher concentration of
[A] Glucose
[B] Bile Pigments
[C] Bile
[D] Urea

Answer: B. Bile Pigments

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