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English : Synonyms (Page 9)

(Showing: 81 - 90 out of 91 MCQs) Synonyms multiple choice questions and Answers for the bank exams preparation. You should choose the correct meaning of the word out of four given options.
81. Affable?
[A] Monotonous
[B] Sociable
[C] Affected
[D] Selfish

Answer: B. Sociable

82. Nebulous?
[A] Subdued
[B] Cloudy
[C] Eternal
[D] Careless

Answer: C. Eternal

83. Stereotyped?
[A] Lacking originality
[B] Illuminating
[C] Free from disease
[D] Pictorial

Answer: A. Lacking originality

84. Stupefy?
[A] Lie
[B] Make dull
[C] Talk nonsense
[D] Overread

Answer: A. Lie

[A] Gift
[B] Interest
[C] Commission
[D] Discount

Answer: D. Discount

86. Labour?
[A] Happiness
[B] Capacity
[C] Toil
[D] Ability

Answer: C. Toil

87. Notorious
[A] Well known for some bad quality
[B] Generous
[C] Gentleman
[D] idealistic

Answer: A. Well known for some bad quality

88. Glib ?
[A] Fluent
[B] Stammer
[C] Tragic

Answer: A. Fluent

89. Unconscionable ?
[A] Without pangs of conscience
[B] Disrespectful
[C] Over smart
[D] Guilty

Answer: A. Without pangs of conscience

90. Psychopathic
[A] mentally or emotionally diseased
[B] short sightedness
[C] Cardiac arrest
[D] Muscular disorder

Answer: A. mentally or emotionally diseased

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