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English : Synonyms (Page 8)

(Showing: 71 - 80 out of 91 MCQs) Synonyms multiple choice questions and Answers for the bank exams preparation. You should choose the correct meaning of the word out of four given options.
71. Impromptu?
[A] Offhand
[B] Rehearsed
[C] Laughable
[D] Deceptive

Answer: A. Offhand


Impromptu means that something comes out spontaneously without advance preparation.
72. Chivalrous?
[A] Crude
[B] Foreign
[C] Military
[D] Handsome

Answer: C. Military

73. Havoc?
[A] Festival
[B] Sea battle
[C] Disease
[D] Ruin

Answer: D. Ruin

74. Rejuvenate?
[A] Reply
[B] Judge
[C] Renew
[D] Age

Answer: C. Renew

75. Obnoxious?
[A] Dreamy
[B] Daring
[C] Offensive
[D] Visible

Answer: C. Offensive


Something causing disapproval or protest
76. Verbatim?
[A] Word for word
[B] In secret
[C] At will
[D] In summary

Answer: A. Word for word

77. Entice?
[A] Inform
[B] Attract
[C] Observe
[D] Disobey

Answer: B. Attract


Entice means to provoke someone to do something through promises or persuasion. Other synonyms are lure,tempt
78. Acclaim?
[A] Discharge
[B] Divide
[C] Excel
[D] Applaud

Answer: D. Applaud


To acclaim means to praise
79. Stilted?
[A] Artificial
[B] Fashionable
[C] Canonical
[D] Senseless

Answer: A. Artificial

80. Soliloquy?
[A] Figure of speech
[B] Isolated position
[C] Historical Incident
[D] Monologue

Answer: D. Monologue

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