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English : Synonyms (Page 6)

(Showing: 51 - 60 out of 91 MCQs) Synonyms multiple choice questions and Answers for the bank exams preparation. You should choose the correct meaning of the word out of four given options.
51. Turbulence?
[A] Treachhery
[B] Triumph
[C] Commotion
[D] Overflow

Answer: C. Commotion


Commotion means an disorderly outbrust.
52. Defer?
[A] Discourage
[B] Minimize
[C] Postpone
[D] Estimate

Answer: C. Postpone


Other synonyms are putt off, setback
53. Adage?
[A] Proverb
[B] Youth
[C] Supplement
[D] Hardness

Answer: A. Proverb


An adage is a proverb or byword
54. Ensue?
[A] Compel
[B] Plead
[C] Remain
[D] Follow

Answer: D. Follow


Ensue is a verb which means to happen afterward as a consequence or result.
55. Zenith?
[A] Lowest Point
[B] Middle
[C] Compass
[D] Summit

Answer: D. Summit


Aenith means summit, top,celestial point
56. Zenith?
[A] Lowest Point
[B] Middle

Answer: A. Lowest Point


Zenith means summit, top,celestial point
57. Hypothetical?
[A] Magical
[B] Theoretical
[C] Visual
[D] Two-faced

Answer: B. Theoretical


Hypothetical means something based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence. Other synonyms are conjectural, suppositious.
58. Superficial?
[A] Shallow
[B] Aged
[C] Unusually fine
[D] Proud

Answer: A. Shallow


Superficial means something shallow, not deep intellectualism or emotionally. Trivial is another synonym
59. Disparage?
[A] Separate
[B] Belittle
[C] Compare
[D] Imitate

Answer: B. Belittle


Disparage means to express negative impression about something.
60. Protagonist?
[A] Prophet
[B] Convert
[C] Explorer
[D] Champion

Answer: D. Champion


Protagonist is somebody who backs a politician or a team etc. Protagonist can be a champion of some cause.

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