One Word Substitution MCQs - Asked in Previous SSC CGL Exams


One Word Substitution : Asked in SSC CGL

Collection of One Word Substitutions Multiple Choice Questions with answers Asked in previous SSC CGL Exams

SSC CGL Tier-1 2015 (16 Aug Morning Shift)
1. Of one's own free will
[A] obligatory
[B] mandatory
[C] voluntary
[D] compulsory

Answer: C. voluntary

2. One who runs away from justice or the law
[A] fugitive
[B] Thief
[C] Criminal
[D] Smuggler

Answer: A. fugitive

3. One who is skillful
[A] disciplined
[B] different
[C] diligent
[D] dexterous

Answer: D. dexterous

4. One who is too careless to plan for the future
[A] impotent
[B] improvident
[C] impractical
[D] imprudent

Answer: B. improvident

5. A person who deserves all praise
[A] despicable
[B] detestable
[C] laudable
[D] lovable

Answer: C. laudable

6. One who has long experience
[A] expert
[B] novice
[C] practitioner
[D] veteran

Answer: D. veteran

7. A study of ancient things
[A] Physiology
[B] Archaeology
[C] Ethnology
[D] Zoology

Answer: B. Archaeology

SSC CGL Tier-1 2015 (16 Aug Evening Shift)
8. That which cannot be avoided
[A] Integral
[B] Unvarying
[C] Unrestrained
[D] Inevitable

Answer: D. Inevitable

9. Opinion contrary to accepted doctrines
[A] Controversy
[B] Convention
[C] Heresy
[D] Advocacy

Answer: C. Heresy

10. Someone who is designated to hear both sides of a dispute and make a judgment
[A] Counselor
[B] Magistrate
[C] Arbitrator
[D] Manager

Answer: B. Magistrate

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