One Word Substitution - English Vocabulary Questions and answers - Page 2


English : One Word Substitution (Page 2)

(Showing: 11 - 20 out of 131 MCQs) Here is the quiz of one words corresponding to long sentences in english vocabulary.
11. A hater of learning and knowledge.
[A] Samaritan
[B] Misologist
[C] Mascochist
[D] Misogynist

Answer: B. Misologist

12. A man with abnormal habits.
[A] Eccentric
[B] Arrogant
[C] Self centred
[D] Supercilious

Answer: A. Eccentric

13. Animals that eat flesh.
[A] Carnivorous
[B] Graminivorous
[C] Vegetarian
[D] Herbivorous

Answer: A. Carnivorous


The act of violating the sancity of the church.

[A] Heresy
[B] Descreation
[C] Camouflage
[D] Sacrilege

Answer: D. Sacrilege

15. An animal that is equally at home on land and in water.
[A] Domestic
[B] Abstemious
[C] Amphibious
[D] Cannibal

Answer: C. Amphibious

16. A person who does not believe in the existence of god.
[A] Theist
[B] Atheist
[C] Ascetic
[D] Agnostic

Answer: B. Atheist

17. A tank where fish or water plants are kept.
[A] Apiary
[B] Aviary
[C] Nursery
[D] None of These

Answer: D. None of These


Write answer is Aquarium.
18. A general pardon granted by the government to political offenders.
[A] Amnesty
[B] Alimony
[C] Diplomacy
[D] Armistice

Answer: A. Amnesty

19. Last part of speech.
[A] Conclusion
[B] Epilogue
[C] Peroration
[D] Permutation

Answer: C. Peroration

20. A person who readily believes others.
[A] Creditable
[B] Credulous
[C] Credible
[D] Sensitive

Answer: B. Credulous

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