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English : Antonyms (Page 8)

(Showing: 71 - 80 out of 152 MCQs) This section provides Antonyms of the English words. Antonyms are also called the opposite words.
71. Ephemeral
[A] transient
[B] perpetual
[C] disencumber
[D] demote

Answer: B. perpetual

72. Erudition
[A] ignorance
[B] evict
[C] scholarship
[D] dubious

Answer: A. ignorance

73. Exultation
[A] ecstasy
[B] frugality
[C] mourning
[D] severe

Answer: C. mourning

74. Expunge
[A] erase
[B] dilate
[C] entity
[D] imprint

Answer: D. imprint

75. Extenuate
[A] palliate
[B] quality
[C] enhance
[D] offhand

Answer: C. enhance

76. Extricate
[A] entangle
[B] release
[C] manifest
[D] palapable

Answer: A. entangle

77. Embitter
[A] respectable
[B] cacophonous
[C] lovable
[D] exonerate

Answer: B. cacophonous

78. Euphonious
[A] respectable
[B] cacophonous
[C] lovable
[D] exonerate

Answer: B. cacophonous

79. Entice
[A] repel
[B] lure
[C] charm
[D] disposses

Answer: A. repel

80. Effeminate
[A] womanish
[B] effigy
[C] manly
[D] blank

Answer: C. manly

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