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English : Antonyms (Page 6)

(Showing: 51 - 60 out of 152 MCQs) This section provides Antonyms of the English words. Antonyms are also called the opposite words.
51. Debar
[A] energy
[B] entitle
[C] recite
[D] deviate

Answer: B. entitle

52. Delicacy
[A] coarseness
[B] disparage
[C] affirm
[D] dereliction

Answer: A. coarseness

53. Degenerate
[A] disintegrate
[B] enrich
[C] improve
[D] consecrate

Answer: C. improve

54. Deluge
[A] ecstatic
[B] ravage
[C] arrogant
[D] dearth

Answer: D. dearth

55. Demur
[A] deprave
[B] approve
[C] embellish
[D] forsake

Answer: A. deprave

56. Despicable
[A] worthy
[B] contemptible
[C] earn
[D] purity

Answer: A. worthy

57. Ductile
[A] Indistinct
[B] vague
[C] inelastic
[D] quiescent

Answer: C. inelastic

58. Dormant
[A] inert
[B] doff
[C] indulgence
[D] active

Answer: D. active

59. Dissipate
[A] accumulate
[B] distill
[C] percolate
[D] emanate

Answer: A. accumulate

60. Disdain
[A] haughtiness
[B] erroneous
[C] respect
[D] contempt

Answer: C. respect

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