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English : Antonyms (Page 5)

(Showing: 41 - 50 out of 152 MCQs) This section provides Antonyms of the English words. Antonyms are also called the opposite words.
41. Celebrity
[A] celebration
[B] solemnity
[C] obscurity
[D] hazy

Answer: C. obscurity

42. Cataclysm
[A] peace
[B] deluge
[C] quibble
[D] conjecture

Answer: A. peace

43. Concord
[A] consolidate
[B] bestow
[C] outline
[D] discord

Answer: D. discord

44. Compliance
[A] condone
[B] ciamour
[C] resistance
[D] condense

Answer: C. resistance

45. Circumlocution
[A] amass
[B] ambiguity
[C] effusion
[D] simplicity

Answer: D. simplicity

46. Clandestine
[A] open
[B] surreptitious
[C] concourse
[D] perpetrate

Answer: A. open

47. Congulate
[A] culmination
[B] amity
[C] dissipate
[D] sloppy

Answer: C. dissipate

48. Cognizant
[A] ruminate
[B] unaware
[C] abridge
[D] incautious

Answer: B. unaware

49. Corrigible
[A] docile
[B] covetous
[C] obverse
[D] incorrigible

Answer: D. incorrigible

50. Cursory
[A] profound
[B] cupidity
[C] cudgel
[D] escape

Answer: A. profound

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