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English : Antonyms (Page 15)

(Showing: 141 - 150 out of 152 MCQs) This section provides Antonyms of the English words. Antonyms are also called the opposite words.
141. pulchritudinous
[A] unsightly
[B] rare
[C] smooth
[D] pacific

Answer: A. unsightly

142. tractable
[A] stubborn
[B] special
[C] unadvisable
[D] invisible

Answer: A. stubborn

143. dexterous
[A] clumsy
[B] clunning
[C] saline
[D] precious

Answer: A. clumsy

144. aerate
[A] suffocate
[B] argue
[C] placate
[D] destroy

Answer: A. suffocate

145. venerable
[A] sophomoric
[B] impervious
[C] constant
[D] infirm

Answer: A. sophomoric

146. rancor
[A] accord
[B] ritual
[C] collect
[D] argument

Answer: A. accord

147. paucity
[A] excess
[B] timidy
[C] certainty
[D] beauty

Answer: A. excess

148. heedless
[A] attentive
[B] heartless
[C] speedy
[D] unaware

Answer: A. attentive

149. abound
[A] dwindle
[B] discourage
[C] believe
[D] rest

Answer: A. dwindle

150. prudent
[A] foolish
[B] simple
[C] rapid
[D] verbose

Answer: A. foolish

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