One Word GK News: 25th November 2016

 India's Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) fell to ___% during the period from 1990 to 2013?

Answer: 4.5

Explanation: The country has demonstrated reduction in key health indicators such as Infant Mortality Rate, Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR), Under 5 Mortality Rate. Further, the annual average pace of decline in MMR (for the period 1990 to 2013) was much faster in India (4.5%) as compared to global rate (2.6%). Additionally, mortality due to various diseases has reduced too.
Which credit ratings agency has given favourable review to India's demonetisation programme?

Answer: Moodys

Explanation: Rating agencies, Moody’s Investor Service & Standard & Poor’s have given the thumbs-up to the government’s decision to demonetise high-value currency notes, but warned of short-term pain. Moody’s Investor Service said demonetisation would boost tax revenue and hasten fiscal consolidation in the longer run. The move will weigh on GDP growth for a few quarters, dampening government revenues.
In which state is the Wangala festival celebrated?

Answer: Meghalaya

Explanation: Wangala is a harvest festival celebrated by the Garo tribe, who lives in Meghalaya. The festival marks the end of a period of toil for farmers wanting a good output from their fields. Dressed in their traditional fineries, farmers of the tribe gathered together to dance in honour of Saljong, the spirit of the Sun and fertility.
India’s sugar production could decline by _____% due to poor rains in Maharasthra and Karnataka.

Answer: 7

Explanation: India’s sugar production could decline by over 7% to 23.26 million tonnes next marketing year due to poor rains in Maharasthra and Karnataka. The sugar output is estimated to fall for the second straight year in 2016-17 marketing year because of drought in major growing states. India, the world’s second largest sugar producer after Brazil, is estimated to have fallen to 25.1 million tonnes.
100 people were killed in a suicide bombing in ______.

Answer: Iraq

Explanation: A suicide truck bomb killed about 100 people, most of them Iranian Shia pilgrims, at a petrol station in the city of Hilla 100 km south of Baghdad, Iraq. Islamic State, which considers all Shias to be apostates, claimed responsibility the attack in an online statement. The group is also fighting off a U.S.-backed offensive on its stronghold Mosul, in northern Iraq.
Name the scientist who is working on a new drug to cure allergies and asthma.

Answer: Barry Marshall

Explanation: Barry Marshall, a microbiology professor from the University of Western Australia (UWA), who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 2005 for stomach ulcer research, is working on the new drug. Still in its initial stage, the the drug can be taken as tablets, capsules, liquids or powder. The medication, named Immbalance, aims to suppress an overactive immune system.
The world's oldest rock art is located in which Indian state?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Explanation: The petroglyph rock art at Daraki-Chattan near Bhanpura in Mandsaur district is the “world’s oldest rock art” and is almost 2 to 5 lakh years’ old. The successful expedition from November 2 to 23 was led by Rock Art Society of India Secretary General Proff Giriraj Kumar along with Australian scientist Robert G. Bednarik. Mr. Bednarik is the topmost rock art scientist in the world.
PETROTECH-2016, India’s flagship biennial hydrocarbons event will be held in which city?

Answer: New Delhi

Explanation: PETROTECH-2016 will be held in New Delhi under the aegis of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas during December 5 -7, 2016. It will be inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister. The Conference will also host a CEOs Conclave, an exclusive pre-event programme on women in the Hydrocarbon Industry, and a Yuva Urja Forum for students.
How many films were screened at the 47th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) for children with disabilities?

Answer: 3

Explanation: Three films viz., Gandhi, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Dhanak were screened at the 47th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) for children with disabilities. This was done through audio-description under the Accessible India Campaign (Sugayama Bharat Abhiyan). This was done in collaboration with UNESCO and Saksham NGO. Saksham, a Delhi based NGO.
Who is the director of the film, 'Allama'?

Answer: T.S. Nagabharana

Explanation: ​T.S. Nagabharana is the director of 'Allama'. The film is about the journey of a 12th century metaphysician. The film will compete for the International Council for Film, Television and Audio-visual Communication (ICFT) UNESCO Gandhi Medal at the 47th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa.
Which country will export textiles products worth around $500 million to India in the next five years?

Answer: Taiwan

Explanation: The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) is bullish on domestic textile sector and is looking to export textiles products worth around $500 million to India in the next five years. India is a very dynamic market with lot of potential and scope for Taiwanese companies. For over 10 years, the TTF had been organising buyer-seller meet in India and has been quite successful in it.
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development(NABARD) will provide Rs. 880 crore to district central cooperative banks to assist farmers in which state?

Answer: Haryana

Explanation: NABARD will provide credit support of Rs 880 crore to district central cooperative banks. The amount has been made available for the current rabi season. In addition, NABARD has made provision of an additional credit limit of Rs 1,850 crore to ensure that the DCCBs do not face liquidity crunch.
Indian Army targetted Pakistan in how many sectors?

Answer: 5

Explanation: The Indian Army inflicted "significant damage" on Pakistan army posts and forward locations by conducting "punitive" fire assaults across the LoC. This was done to exact revenge for the beheading of one of its soldiers in the Macchil sector of Jammu and Kashmir. The ferocity of the fire assaults was such that the Pakistan DGMO was forced to call his Indian counterpart.
Unaccounted deposits will attract ____% tax.

Answer: 60

Explanation: The union cabinet is understood to have approved amendments to the income-tax laws, clarifying the tax liability on deposits of cancelled Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in bank accounts after the November 8. Taxes on unaccounted deposits may be levied at the rate of up to 60% (30% tax plus 30% penalty).  This is higher than the 45% levied under the income disclosure scheme that closed on September 30.
In how many places can one exchange old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000?

Answer: 23

Explanation: One exchange old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 at 23 places like pre paid mobile top-up, purchase from Consumer Cooperative Stores etc. All transactions canbe completed till the midnight of 15 December 2016.
The Central government may impose curbs against which item to fight against black money?

Answer: Gold

Explanation: The Centre may impose curbs on domestic holdings of gold as PM Modi intensifies a fight against black money. Gold premiums in India jumped to two-year highs last week as jewellers ramped up purchases on fears the government might restrict imports after withdrawing higher-denomination notes from circulation. The move has already started to disrupt cash-based gold smuggling.
Which country has declared a state of emergency in seven districts after forest fires killed two and burnt nearly 12,000 hectares (30,000 acres) of land?

Answer: Peru

Explanation: Peru has declared a state of emergency in 7 districts in the north of the country where forest fires have killed two, injured four and burnt nearly 12,000 hectares of land. Wildfires have spread to 11 regions across the country. Peru’s environment minister, Elsa Galarza, said a special brigade of firefighters had been deployed to the worst-affected areas in the north.
The Government of Iceland has launched legal action against which country's grocery chain over the use of the country's name?

Answer: UK

Explanation: The government of Iceland has launched legal action against its namesake British grocery chain.  The island of Iceland is challenging Iceland Foods’ exclusive ownership of the European-wide trademark registration for the word Iceland. The Icelandic government’s legal challenge at the EU-IPO seeks to invalidate this registration on the basis that ‘Iceland’ is exceptionally broad and ambiguous.
Due to which hurricane people living in Costa Rica and Nicaragua have been evacuated?

Answer: Otto

Explanation: People living in Costa Rica and Nicaragua have been evacuated due to Hurrican Otto. The US National Hurricane Center said Otto hit land near the town of San Juan de Nicaragua with winds of 110 mph around midday local time. A 7-magnitude quake also strikes near El Salvador as hurricane Otto makes landfall.
Scientists have warned that the rapidly increasing melting of the ice cap in the artic could trigger ____  “tipping points” in the region that could have catastrophic consequences around the globe.

Answer: 19

Explanation: Arctic scientists have warned that the increasingly rapid melting of the ice cap risks triggering 19 “tipping points” in the region that could have catastrophic consequences around the globe. The Arctic Resilience Report found that the effects of Arctic warming could be felt as far away as the Indian Ocean. Sea ice is at the lowest extent ever recorded for the time of year.