One Word GK News: 11th May 2017

The Pokharan nuclear tests were conducted under the leadership of _________.

Answer: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Explanation: The Pokharan nuclear tests were conducted under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee on may 11. On this day the National Technology Day is observed in India to mark India’s technological advancements. The 2017 theme is ‘Technology for inclusive & sustainable growth’.
Who launched mobile apps to redress problems of security forces?

Answer: Rajnath Singh

Explanation: Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated two important mobile applications MHA Grievances Redressal App and BSFMyApp in New Delhi.All the Paramilitary Force jawans and BSF personnel will be able to raise their problems on BSFMyApp.These problems will be settled at the level of the Force and Ministry. It is being tried that this app can not be hacked.
Which city will host the 2017 International Yoga Day?

Answer: Ahmedabad

Explanation: Ahmedabad will host biggest ever International Yoga Day event on the 21st of June.The event will be held on GMDC grounds with over 5 lakh people attending the event.An international day for yoga was declared unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on 11 December 2014.It was first celebrated in 2015.
Who won the bronze medal in Greco-Roman weight divisions at the Asian Wrestling Championship?

Answer: Harpreet Singh

Explanation: Harpreet Singh has won a bronze medal in Greco-Roman weight divisions on the opening day of Asian Wrestling Championship in New Delhi.He beat Jun Ji Na of China.The gold medal was won by Ramin Soltanmorad of Iran by beating Kim Junehyoung of South Korea.
Scientists on May 10 discovered 3.4 billion year old fossils in __________.

Answer: Australia

Explanation: Scientists have discovered 3.48 billion year old fossils in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.Previously, the world's oldest evidence for microbial life on land came from 2.7- 2.9 billion-year-old deposits in South Africa.The extraordinary finding suggests the earliest life may have actually originated in the hot springs on land, rather than in thermal vents deep in the ocean.
The National Basketball Association(NBA) has opened its first Indian academy in _________.

Answer: Noida

Explanation: The National Basketball Association has opened its first academy at Jaypee Greens Integrated Sports Complex in Greater Noida.
Which state has become the first one to get first government run de-addiction centre for women?

Answer: Punjab

Explanation: Punjab is all set to get its first government-run women drug de-addiction centre in the state. The 15-bedded centre, which is likely to become operational by next month, will come up in Kapurthala district. Currently, no government facility exists in the state which is meant exclusively for women drug addicts. Officials said that the centre would admit patients like just like any other drug de-addiction centre which are operational in the state.
Who has been appointed as India's Defence Secretary?

Answer: Sanjay Mitra

Explanation: The Centre has appointed Sanjay Mitra as the Defence Secretary to take charge later this month.Mitra, currently secretary, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, has been posted as an officer on special duty in Defence Ministry until incumbent G Mohan Kumar’s tenure ends on May 24.He served as joint secretary in the PMO under Manmohan Singh before being made West Bengal chief secretary.
The Union Human Resource Development Ministry has decided to include the teachings of Gautam Buddha in ______ board syllabus.

Answer: NCERT

Explanation: The Union Human Resource Development Ministry has decided to integrate the teachings of Gautam Buddha in the NCERT curriculum.Minister Prakash Javadekar said the work of scrutinising and assessing the books to restructure curriculum had begun.The HRD Minister said he will ensure that Buddha's teachings reached students at all levels.
The National Highways Authority of India(NHAI) will raise Rs. 5000 crores by issuing masala bonds in __________.

Answer: London Stock Exchange

Explanation: The National Highways Authority of India will soon raise about Rs. 5,000 crore by issuing masala bonds to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari will open the market for LSE trading on May 11 to which will “coincide with the culmination of the NHAI’s debut Masala Bond issuance which is expected to list on the LSE shortly,” the Ministry said in a statement.
Consider the following statements:
(a) The Ministry of Urban Development will launch measuring of Liveability Index of cities next month, based on indigenously-evolved Index.
(b) It will begin by measuring standards of 140 cities, including 52 cities with population of one million and above and Smart Cities will be assessed.
(c) Cities will be assessed on 15 core parameters relating to governance, social infrastructure etc. and will cover a total of 79 aspects.
Which of the above statements/s is/are true?

Answer: Both a and c

Explanation: Both a and c are correct. The Index will begin by measuring standards of 140 cities, including 53 cities with population of one million and above and Smart Cities will be assessed.
Barapullah Drain is located in ________.

Answer: New Delhi

Explanation: Barapullah Drain is located in  New Delhi. On May 9 work began to clean it under the Project LOcal Treatment of Urban Sewage Streams for Healthy Reuse (LOTUS HR) . The project is an Indo-Netherlands joint project funded by Department of Biotechnology(DBT), Govt of India and NWO/STW, The Govt of Netherlands. The project aims to demonstrate a novel waste water management approach, that will produce clean water that can be reused for various proposes like agriculture, construction etc.
_______ Metro has become the first one to appoint transgenders.

Answer: Kochi


Kochi Metro will employ 23 members from the transgender community. This is the first time a government owned company has formally appointed members of the transgender community. These 23 workers will be a part of the 530 Kudumbasree workers to be employed at 11 stations in the Kochi Metro.

The BJP has called for abandoning bi-annual practice of ‘darbar move’  in _________.

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

Explanation: The Bhartiya Janta Party called for abandoning bi-annual practice of ‘darbar move’ wherein the Jammu and Kashmir government functions six months each in the two capital – Srinagar and Jammu. The practice of 'darbar move' was adopted in Jammu and Kashmir as well as in some other parts of the country because of the special circumstance prevailing at that time when means of communication were limited and electronic communication was almost negligible.
_________ has launched an online investor facilitation platform.

Answer: DIPAM


Keen on creating more awareness about the forthcoming disinvestment issues, the Finance Ministry has set up an Investor Facilitation Platform that will provide information about stocks of public sector units. Set up by the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM), the platform will be an interactive forum for all stakeholders, including investors, investment banks, law firms, public sector units and administrative ministries that are involved in stake sales.

Which company has launched cloud computing service for India, regarding its GST plan?

Answer: Oracle

Explanation: Oracle has launched its cloud computing service for India, which aims to support the government's GST rollout in July and plans to open data centres in the country.Oracle's ERP solution aims to provide support for GST Network integration, statutory reporting, payment processing, among others.In the GST regime, companies will have to upgrade their ERP systems.
Which ministry has asked NGOs to open accounts with core banks?

Answer: Home

Explanation: In a move to keep a tab on errant NGOs, especially those receiving funds from foreign countries, the Union Home Ministry has asked as many as 5,845 organisations to open their accounts in banks that have core banking facilities and furnish details so that security agencies could have real-time access in case of any discrepancies.
AUSINDEX is a joint naval exercise held between Australia and _______.

Answer: India

Explanation: India and Australia will hold their second bilateral naval exercise next month off the coast of Western Australia.The first-ever such exercise, called AUSINDEX, was held in September, 2015 in the Bay of Bengal.The first exercise was held in Bay of Bengal.
Which film won the  Best Film award at the New York Indian Film Festival?

Answer: Mukti Bhawan

Explanation: Mukti Bhawan has won the Best Film award at the New York Indian Film Festival.The film, directed by Shubhashish Bhutiani and featuring Adil Husain and Lalit Behl, revolves around an interesting relationship between a father and son after the former decides to die in the Hindu holy city of Varanasi and his son is forced to join his journey.
The Indian Railways on May 10 floated global tenders worth over ₹100 crore for acquiring which train technology?

Answer: End of Train Telemetry

Explanation: The Indian Railways has planned to acquire the End of Train Telemetry equipments to run nearly 1000 trains without guards in the current fiscal.The EoTT system will help in establishing communication between the locomotive driver and the last wagon of the train and ensure that the train is running as a complete unit. The equipment is designed to do the guard’s job by giving indication to the loco driver in case of parting of coaches or wagons from the rear side of the train.