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Current Affairs : September 2013 Current Affairs: Appointments

September 2013 Current Affairs: Appointments

This quiz consist of Current affairs MCQ questions related to various important appointments for the Month September 2013.

Author: Deepika
Published on: Oct 21st, 2013
Last Update on: Oct 21st, 2013
Total Questions: 17 MCQ
Category: Current Affairs

1.  Who is the new Prime Minister of Australia?
[A]Julian Gilard 
[B]Jamed Chadwick 
[C]Tony Abbott 
[D]None of these
2.  Who has become the first female ever to be appointed on key post of Chief Information Commissioner of India? 
[A]Anand Tiwari 
[B]Deepak Sandhu
[C] Dinesh Siani 
[D]None of these
3.  Who is appointed as India's New Envoy to USA. He was previously India's envoy to China?  
[A] Subarahmaniam Jaishankar
[B]Pranab Sahay
[C]Sis Ram Ola
[D] None of these
4.  Who has been elected as Chancellor of Germany for historic third time?   
[A]Nicolas Tiangaye
[B]Michel Djotodia
[C] Angela Merkel
[D]None of these
5.  Who is appointed as New speaker of Loksabha after replacing Meera Kumar? 
[A]Jamed Comey 
[B]Malaya Mishra
[C] S Balashekhar 
[D]None of these
6.  Who has been appointed as new chief of IOC(International Olympics Committee)? 
[A]Thomas Bach 
[B]James Clauw
[C]Rajinder Singhi 
[D] None of these
7.  Who is appointed as new chief of ONGC(Oil and Natural Gas Corporation)?  
[A]Dinesh Kumar Sarraf
[B]Vijay Bhadra 
[C]Arup Raha 
[D]None of these
8.  Who is recently appointed as the First Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court?  
[A] M. Subhashini 
[B]Kamal Ganzouri
[C]Prafulla Chandra Pant
[D]None of these
9.  Who is the new president of west African Country Mali?   
[A]Altamash Koutla 
[B]Mahmood Ashraf
[C]Ibrahim Boubacar Keita
[D]None of these
10.  Who is appointed as WHO's chief for south asia region?   
[A]Poonam Khetrapal Singh
[B]Edi Rana
[C]Kumar Ayyar
[D] None of these
11.  Who is appointed as Chairperson of National Commission for Backward Classes(NCBC)?   
[A]Sujata Singh
[B]Ashwani Kumar
[C]Vangala Eswaraiah 
[D]None of these
12.  Who is appointed as new prime minister of Norway?   
[A]Saieed Bilal 
[B]Irna Solberg
[C]Ajay Chand
[D]None of these
13.  Who is appointed as new chief of Press Trust of India?  
[A]Vijay Bhadra
[B] Bimal Julka
[C]K N Santkumar
[D] None of these
14.  Which Indian person is appointed as Judge in California state court in USA? 
[A] Vijay Bhadra
[B] Sunil R Khulkarni 
[C]Bimal Julka
[D]None of these
15.  Who among the following has been appointed as CEO of PepsiCo Asia, Middle East and Africa region?  
[A]Abhinav Gupta
[B] Sanjay Singh 
[C]Sanjeev Chadha
[D]Nanda Kishore
16.  Who among the following appoints Banking Ombudsman in India? 
[A] Finance Minister
[D]Government of India
17.  Who among the following has been appointed as First Ambassador for Border Security Force(BSF)?   
[A]Virat Kohli
[B]Sachin Tendulkar 
[C]Ranbeer Kapoor
[D]Amir Khan