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Computer Science : Operating System (Page 10)

(Showing: 91 - 94 out of 94 MCQs) Operating System is the main function-able part of our computer system. The operating system multiple choice questions and answers are discussed as below along with their explanations as necessary.
91. A term used to describe interconnected computer configuration is---
[A] multi programming
[B] modulation
[C] multiprocessing

Answer: A. multi programming

92. A directly accessible appointment calendar is feature of a---- resident package
[B] Memory

Answer: B. Memory

93. Which of the following processors use RISE technology?
[A] 486dx
[B] power PC
[C] 486sx

Answer: B. power PC

94. An approach that permits the computer to work on several programs instead of one is---
[A] on-line thesaurus
[B] over lapped processing
[C] multiprogramming

Answer: B. over lapped processing

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vijay kumar 2 months ago Reply

6. In the blocked state ?
[A] the processes waiting for I/O are found
[B] the process which is running is found
[C] the processes waiting for the processor are found
[D] none of the above
Answer: A. the processes waiting for I/O are found
ans is incorrect
In some website ans C is OK

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70th is D: data inconsistency, not redundancy. redundancy is unusual repetition of data.

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useful questions for exams

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useful questions for exams

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Q 69 answer is wrong at correct answer is option C

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94 th Question answer MULTIPLEXING.. not multiprogramming...

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94th question's answer should be multiprogramming

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That answer is Multiplexing

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