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Computer Science : MS Office Shortcuts

This is Microsoft Office Questions and Answers Section on MS Access 2003 and 2007 Quiz. These Multiple Choice Questions and answers on MS Access will help you for various competition exams, interviews and entrance exams.
1. What happens if you press Ctrl + Shift + F8?
[A] It activates extended selection
[B] It activates the rectangular selection
[C] It selects the paragraph on which the insertion line is.
[D] None of These

Answer: B. It activates the rectangular selection

2. What is the shortcut key you can press to create a copyright symbol?
[A] Ctrl + Shift + C
[B] Ctrl + C
[C] Alt + C
[D] Alt+Ctrl+C

Answer: D. Alt+Ctrl+C

3. The keystrokes Ctrl + I is used to
[A] Increase font size
[B] Inserts a line break
[C] Applies italic format to selected text
[D] Indicate the text should be bold

Answer: C. Applies italic format to selected text

4. Which of the following function key activates the speller?
[A] F3
[B] F6
[C] F7
[D] F11

Answer: C. F7

5. Which of the following shortcut key is used to check spelling?
[A] F3
[B] F11
[C] F5
[D] F7

Answer: D. F7

6. Shortcut to create new document is ______ .
[A] Ctrl + F
[B] Ctrl + N
[C] Ctrl + O
[D] All Of Above

Answer: B. Ctrl + N


Ctrl + N is used to create new document.
7. Shortcut to open a document is ______ ?
[A] Ctrl + N
[B] Ctrl + S
[C] Ctrl + O

Answer: C. Ctrl + O


Ctrl + O is the accurate combination of keys to open a document.
8. Shortcut to close a document is ______?
[A] Alt + F4
[B] Ctrl + C
[C] Ctrl + W
[D] Ctrl + Q

Answer: C. Ctrl + W


Ctrl + W keys are used to close a word document. Alt + F4 is used to quit from Microsoft Office.
9. What are the accurate combination of keys to save a document?
[A] Ctrl + S
[B] Ctrl + F
[C] Alt + F + A
[D] Alt + S

Answer: A. Ctrl + S


Ctrl + S is the correct combination.
10. Shortcut to quit Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Access, Excel etc is ______?
[A] Ctrl + W
[B] Ctrl + Q
[C] Alt + F4
[D] Alt + Q

Answer: C. Alt + F4


Alt + F4 is the correct answer.

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