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Computer Science : Computer Networks (Page 3)

(Showing: 21 - 30 out of 37 MCQs) Collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of Computer Networking is given below
21. Which of the following is private IP address?

Answer: A.


Class A private address range is through Class B private address range is through, and Class C private address range is through
22. Which class of IP address provides a maximum of only 254 host addresses per network ID?
[A] Class A
[B] Class B
[C] Class C
[D] Class D
[E] Class E

Answer: C. Class C


A Class C network address has only 8 bits for defining hosts: 28 - 2 = 254.
23. In dial up remote access a client uses the ---- to create a physical connection to a part on a remote access server of the private network.
[A] Public telephone network
[B] Bank�??s branch network
[C] Private network
[D] Public local network

Answer: A. Public telephone network

24. Which of the following devices is a PC component that connects the computer to the network?
[A] Bridge
[C] DNS Server
[D] Gateway

Answer: B. NIC


NIC (Network Interface Card) is a physical PC Component which is used to make an interface between PC and Network using PCI Slots on Mother board.
25. Which of the following devices modulates digital signals into analog signals that can be sent over traditional telephone lines?
[A] Router
[B] Gateway
[C] Switch
[D] Modem

Answer: D. Modem


Modem is device that Modulate Digital Signals to Analog Signals that can be sent to telephone line.
26. Which of the following devices takes data sent from one network device and forwards it to all devices on the network regardless of the intended recipient?
[A] DNS Server
[B] Switch
[C] Hub
[D] Gateway

Answer: C. Hub


Hub is a basic Network Device that sent data from one network device and sent to all devices because Hub is a broadcasting device.
27. Which of the following devices takes data sent from one network device and forwards it to the destination node based on MAC address?
[A] Hub
[B] Switch
[C] Gateway
[D] Modem

Answer: B. Switch


The Answer is Switch because it is an unicasting device and sent data to particular another device according to MAC address. Switch Include memory to store all MAC address of connected devices.
28. Although they've fallen out of favor, which of the following devices is used to connect different network segments and manage the traffic between them?
[A] Bridge
[B] Hub
[C] Gateway
[D] Repeater

Answer: A. Bridge

29. Which of the following devices direct network traffic based not by MAC addresses but by software-configured network addresses?
[A] Router
[B] Hub
[C] Bridge

Answer: A. Router


First of all Router is a software based deviced that can be configure Network Address According to requirements. This can be connect two diffrent networks.
30. Which of the following network devices/systems translates data from one format to another?
[A] Hub
[B] DHCP Server
[C] Gateway

Answer: C. Gateway

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