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Computer graphics multiple choice question answers are given in the following quiz.
1. The phenomenon of having a continuous glow of beam on the screen even after it is removed is called ?
[A] Fluorescence
[B] Persistence
[C] Phosphorescence
[D] Incandescence

Answer: C. Phosphorescence

2. Find the incorrect statement
[A] A perspective projection produces realistic views
[B] A perspective projection preserves realistic dimensions
[C] A parallel projection gives realistic representation of 3-D objects
[D] Both B and C above

Answer: D. Both B and C above

3. Oblique projection with an angle of 45 degree to the horizontal plane is called ?
[A] Cabinet projection
[B] Isometric Projection
[C] Cavalier projection
[D] None of above

Answer: C. Cavalier projection

4. Choose the correct statements
[A] Random scan monitors draw a picture one time at a time
[B] The components line of a random scan picture must be refreshed in a particular order
[C] Raster scan monitors draw a picture one line at a time
[D] Random scan method is well suited for displaying shading and color areas

Answer: A. Random scan monitors draw a picture one time at a time

5. The perspective anomaly in which the object behind the center of projection is projected upside down and backward onto the view plane is called ?
[A] Perspective foreshortening
[B] Vanishing view
[C] View Confusion
[D] Topological distortion

Answer: C. View Confusion

6. Which statement about beam penetration method for producing color display is true ?
[A] it is used with raster scan monitors
[B] It is used with random scan monitors
[C] By using beam penetration method a wide range of colors can be obtained
[D] It uses three beam penetration gun,one for each green,blue and red colors

Answer: B. It is used with random scan monitors

7. A line connecting the points (1,1) and (5,3) is to be drawn, using DDA algorithm.Find the value of x and y increments
[A] x-increments = 1; y-increments =1
[B] x-increments = 0.5; y-increments =1
[C] x-increments = 1; y-increments =0.5
[D] None of above

Answer: C. x-increments = 1; y-increments =0.5

8. which display is best suited for CAD systems ?
[A] A CRT with vector refresh monitor
[B] A CRT with raster scan monitor
[C] Plasma panal display
[D] LED display

Answer: B. A CRT with raster scan monitor

9. When the computer is not able to maintain operation and display,bright spots occur in the screen.This is called ?
[A] Dropping out
[B] Snowing
[C] Flickering
[D] Blanking

Answer: B. Snowing

10. All the following hidden surface algorithm employ image space approach except ?
[A] Back face method
[B] Depth buffer method
[C] Scan line algorithm
[D] Depth sort method

Answer: A. Back face method

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