Computer Science Quiz Questions

Computer Science Multiple Choice questions and answers with explanations and examples. Processes, Operating System, Database Management System, Software Engineering, Computer Networks. These Computer Science MCQs will help you for various Interviews, competitive exams or entrance exams.

Multiple Choice Questions

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Ovaish 2 weeks ago Reply

1. Which is the fastest memory of computer?
2. Which is the slowest memory of computer?

innocent 1 month ago Reply

Very helpfull

ABHIJEET OMKAR 3 months ago Reply

what are the main points to be kept in mind while working in small basic?

sh 5 months ago Reply

C++ kaun si language hi

Aloke Roy 4 months ago

Object Oriented Programming language

M HAROON 6 months ago Reply

Thnku so much sir its very very nice and help full for all students...

Ismail Ibrahim 7 months ago Reply

Very useful ..Thanks for share

khushboo 9 months ago Reply

its...really nice

raju 9 months ago Reply


Akash Jadhav 9 months ago Reply

very nice sir....thanksss

ananya 11 months ago Reply

pls make a set of questions on ms excel

Deepika 11 months ago

Hi, we are looking for contributor who is interested to add MCQs in We will pay him/her monthly or weekly.

sajan kaundal 10 months ago

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shumaila 8 months ago

i am also interested...deepika

Dawood 1 year ago Reply

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Davinder Singh 11 months ago

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Wajihud Din 4 months ago

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Satya 1 year ago Reply

fantastic collection ...Thanks U

vk 1 year ago Reply

Nice work

Tahir Khan 1 year ago Reply

Only to Say,,,, Thanks for sharing Brother.

gayathri 1 year ago Reply

very nice...and thank you so much

bhaskar 1 year ago Reply

please add communication mcqs

Fawad Younas 1 year ago Reply

Very useful Msgs Thanks Alot

pawan kumar 1 year ago Reply

Some question must be included in digital electronic

Brajo Dey 1 year ago Reply

excellent... bt pls post for software testing and quality management

naresh kumar mandal 1 year ago Reply

very nice

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